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B L E A C H : Final Stand [RPG]
Are You Ready To Fight?
Suspicions [Active] 
1st-Aug-2006 08:42 am
Characters: Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, and whoever wants to drop in.
Content: A good while after fun and games, Yoruichi gets wind of suspicious happenings
Location: Urahara shoten
Warnings: General Urahara pervertedness? >D

This was a problem.

One day, two, three…Yoruichi could overlook it, but the fourth…it was getting terribly unsettling. There were no signs of Hollows anywhere, literally. In the country where people passed away every single day and where souls were not put to rest…

And speaking of souls, she'd gotten wind of the latest rumor that had been floating around Seireitei; the fact that there was a significant dip in the entry of souls for the past couple of days. It was the first time in the history of Seireitei that something like this happened, and word was that the upper levels were sending one or two scouts to check things out.

Yoruichi related everything she had gathered so far to Kisuke upon her return, and now she was seated beside him, her tail flicking lazily back and forth as she lapped at the milk he had so kindly poured out for her. As hungry as she was, she could not displace the unease that tickled at the edges of her consciousness. Did the sudden silence of the Hollows and the drastic dip in souls entering Seireitei have anything to do with Aizen and his arrankar?

They were strangely silent on their end as well, and it almost seemed like the three worlds were pulling everything back out of their reach, inching further and further away until it crashed down all over them, like the proverbial tsunami. Her tail flicked again, this time with a flare of supreme irritation and pent up frustration. Something was happening, and she knew it. But what?
4th-Sep-2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
Knock Knock Knock

The three large knocks came from the front wooden sliding doors of the urahara shoten. The knocker had come straight here from the Kurosaki clinic. At first he was unsure whether or not to come here. Urahara Kisuke was a deceptively smart guy, and Hirako wondered how he would greet him. After all, he was unsure on Kisuke's opinions of the rest of the Vizored. Shinji just wanted to know what Kisuke thought of all of it. Plus he thought it would be a good idea to be aquainted with the shopkeeper. They might be allies in the war against Aizen.

Which was another thing. What the heck were those guys doing? Not like it mattered. It didn't really concern shinji all that much. Besides, this hollow thing honestly didn't bother him all that much anyway. But it really would be a good idea to get to know Urahara. Hirako had heard so much about him...and his...pet. He waited silently outside the door.
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