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B L E A C H : Final Stand [RPG]
Are You Ready To Fight?
Misgivings are Misguided [Completed] 
30th-Jul-2006 09:57 pm
Character(s): Aizen, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, and whoever else may be graced by Aizen's presence. >3
Location: Central Chambers, Hueco Mundo
Content: Aizen notices something strange is happening and contemplates what is going on.
Warnings: None.

A lack of Hollows... a lack of Konpaku... this was more than unnatural.

Aizen was always confident in examining and understanding his surroundings and the situation he was in. But this... this was a first. Even in the center of Hueco Mundo, where he was in control, the once-captain was lost. What was going on? Was it something out of his control?

No. He wouldn't let it be such a thing. He would have to face the problem head on. He couldn't let this stop his own plans for the Soul Society and Earth. He had worked tirelessly to get to this point and he was not about to be kicked from his throne.

But Hollows... they had all been disappearing. Slowly but surely. Aizen had even checked Earth and the Soul Society, just to see if there was a sudden attraction to the two other worlds but that was when he discovered the disappearances of Konpaku as well.

This was a problem that had to be stopped... and fast.
31st-Jul-2006 02:10 am (UTC)
Ulquiorra made his way through the winding passageways, his footfalls silent on the ground. His master beckoned, and he responded. The other Espada were of no consequence; this was probably something Aizen-sama wanted him to accomplish by himself, considering the imbeciles the rest of them were....

Entering Central Chambers quietly, the arrankar stopped. No point in announcing his presence to the entire world, really. His eyes slightly downcast in thet traditional stance of obeisance, Ulquiorra murmured. "You have called for me?"

He had to wonder, however, if Aizen's latest summon had anything to do with the unnatural silence that had blanketed all three worlds lately.
3rd-Aug-2006 09:40 pm (UTC)
Aizen was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts and the small world of his mind by another voice. The shinigami's eyes focused and he searched until he found the owner of the voice.

"Ulquiorra..." the ex-captain's usual smile, the one that contained the pure essence of evil, was not present today. Instead a calculating frown formed on his lips. "I'm quite sure you have noticed the silence of Hollows. I just need to know why."

"I have a mission of high importance for you. I want you to go to Earth and try and find the reason for this. Return as soon as you have found something."

Ulquiorra would be sent as a scout to Earth, the world of the living. Aizen was sure that the Gotei 13 was also aware of this problem and were searching through the Soul Society as they spoke. That is why it was not necessary to bother.

"I will send reinforcements if I deem they are necessary for the situation."

"Is that all clear?"
11th-Aug-2006 03:17 am (UTC)
Bowing slightly, acknowledging the instructions, Ulquiorra murmured, "Understood."

It was clear that the sudden cessation of almost all Hollow activity was disturbing his master. Quite frankly, he was wondering at it as well; how does one deal with something like that?

This particular phenomenon was unprecedented, and Ulquiorra couldn't help but to silently wonder at it as well. There was no logical explanation for this, but then again, Ulquiorra did not devote most of his time to logical thinking; there were more important things, like looking out for Aizen-sama's best interests and carrying out instructions flawlessly.

Go to Earth? He wasn't so sure any answers could be found on Earth. Of course, there was definitely none to be found in Soul Society, but there was another world, wasn't there...?

In all his travels, Ulquiorra had never seen the last world. It was sealed off to anyone and everyone, and he knew that even Aizen could not hope to unlock it, even with the power of the Hogyoukou.

It was said that this particular world was so terrible that it was sealed away from the rest of the other worlds, including Hueco Mundo, ground zero for terrible monsters. Shrouded in mystery and unspeakable horror, Ulquiorra himself had been unable to gather more information on that.

"However...I do not believe that the living is responsible for this...situation, Aizen-sama." he responded evenly.
11th-Aug-2006 01:46 pm (UTC)
Aizen's chin found its way into his hand and rested there as he listened to the arrankar's suggestion, or rather, his opinion.

"I hardly believe that the living are even capable of noticing the strange occurrences," he began "But I do believe that it is the real world that would be affected most as their concentration of both Hollows and Konpaku are evenly matched."

Every bit of his reasoning was true. If Hollows should be affected, so should Konpaku. Hueco Mundo was mainly concentrated with the prior and the Soul Society with the latter. But Earth, however, was filled with both and the living. Surely some answers must reside in there.

While it may not be impossible for the living to be at fault for the situation, the percentage of that being true was very low. Few people on Earth were even aware of the existence of Konpaku, Hollows, or Shinigami. Why believe in something you could not see?

"Do you have any other questions, Ulquiorra?"
19th-Nov-2006 11:04 pm (UTC)
Bored (as usual - there were only so many dispensable arrankar you could rip your way through till they started getting indispensable...) and wandering the quartz hallways of Las Noches aimlessly, Grimmjow had stopped mid-stalk past the doorway Central Chambers - his ears catching a brief snatch of vaguely interesting talk.

Having nothing better to do to stave off his boredom, he leant back against an over-shadowed wall and half-listened, idly inspecting his nails as he did so.

"However...I do not believe that the living is responsible for this...situation, Aizen-sama."

"I hardly believe that the living are even capable of noticing the strange occurrences, but I
do believe that it is the real world that would be affected most as their concentration of both Hollows and Konpaku are evenly matched."

His eyebrows rose slightly. The hell...? 'Situation'? Aizen-sama was talking about 'effects'...Something disturbing the Balance or something? Bah...!
He rumpled a hand irritably through his hair: like he could care less about this kinda shit...Really - stuff like this was that bitch Ulquiorra's-...

"Do you have any other questions, Ulquiorra?"

Ooh. That got his attention. So: by the sound of it, Aizen was sending Ulquiorra off on a little reconnaissance, huh?...Heh.
His wolfish grin flashed in the darkness: perfect. That'd get his boredom to piss off for sure - if he tagged along, he could find that damn orange Shinigami again and settle the score once and for all...Oh, yeah. That'd be worth any amount of 'disobedience' shit from Tousen...

Lingering in his hiding place, he waited for Ulquiorra to leave - the sullen expression on his face replaced by a darker, far more satisfied smugness.
21st-Nov-2006 01:19 am (UTC)
No further questions, then.

Bowing, he moved to take his leave. A reconnaissance mission it was, then, if only to figure out just what was going on.

Jade-green eyes flickered to the doorway, quietly searching. He thought he'd felt Grimmjow's presence earlier, as faint as it was. But then again, the Espada was probably in hiding.

Contemplating his options, Ulquiorra briefly wondered if he should take the hot-headed arrancar along before he spoilt every one of his plans; it was clear that rational thinking wasn't Grimmjow's strong suit, but then again, if he left, the other was sure to follow, and he didn't know which option would prove to be more troublesome for him.

Moving swiftly towards the exit, Ulquiorra stepped out and paused, speaking to the shadows were Grimmjow was hiding in.

"Come along if you want, Grimmjow."
21st-Nov-2006 04:36 pm (UTC)
"What - I actually get permission this time?" came the amused reply. Grimmjow's teeth grinned white as he stepped out of the shadows, confronting Ulquiorra head on. "Shucks; I almost feel special getting to take orders from shitbags like you..."

He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his hakama, his features knitting into a snarl as he jerked a thumb at his chest. "But let's get one thing staight: I couldn't give a fuck about whatever little go-to Aizen-sama's got you running. So if I tag along, I don't want crap about responsibility and pissing around 'against orders' - got that? I've got my own shit to do..."
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